MexicansUK is the most recent photographic collaboration between Mexican-British brother and sister Pablo and Roxana Allison. It seeks to give exposure and recognition to the Mexicans residing in this country - either temporarily or permanently - highlighting and acknowledging their contributions to the UK. The project also aims to dissolve stereotypes commonly attached to Mexican culture.
Thousands of Mexicans live around the world, 11,000 of which live in the United Kingdom*. Having left their motherland for various reasons, the majority will return to Mexico but others won’t. Some might feel at home in their new environment while others may feel self-exiled and not completely settled.
Mexico is widely recognised for its rich and vast cultural heritage, however for over 10 years the country has lived through a war on drugs that has triggered high levels of insecurity and violence convulsing Mexicans lives. Therefore, the common feeling of most of those portrayed for this project is of uncertainty, concerned about Mexico’s present and future.
The project focuses on the diversity of backgrounds and life-stories of the people that make up this migrant community in the UK. It aims to shed light on a community that contributes both economically and culturally to the shaping of British society.

MexicansUK was awarded funding by the Embassy of Spain’s Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs and the University of London and was included in the Being Human Festival 2015 programme held at Senate House, (University of London) last November.

*According to the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) 


Mexicans/UK © 2018 Roxana and Pablo Allison. All Rights Reserved.
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